The Ultimate Drag-and-Drop Visual Flow Builder Chatbot and All-in-One Ecommerce, Sales and Social Media Marketing Cloud-Based Software for Online Vendors.

This Amazing Artificial Intelligence Technology Cloud-Based Software Automatically Added 265,676 Quality Leads & Generated 3,267 SALES for Us in 3 Months!

SalesUltimo uses Artificial Intelligence Facebook and Instagram Chatbots with visual flow builder to generate leads, nurture the leads, send follow-up marketing messages using Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messaging, Google Business Profile Posts, Email, or SMS, convert leads to sales, setup optimized eCommerce stores, close sales, multiply your profit for you and provide support for your business on autopilot while saving you tons of money.

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Instagram Direct Messaging Automation

Instagram Direct Message Automation is the most powerful and best tool to automate your Instagram Messages and marketing for more sales and better customer support.

Facebook Messenger Automation

With over 2.4 billion people that use Facebook Messenger and Messenger, SalesUltimo helps you take advantage of one of the most popular mobile apps in the world. It helps build your active messenger presence.

Easy eCommerce Stores Setup

With SalesUltimo you can easily set up eCommerce stores that increase your average order value (AOV) with one-click upsells. Convert more customers with abandon cart recovery messages. You can create online stores for both physical & digital products.

All-in-One Chatbot, ecommerce, Sales &Social Media, Marketing Tools That You Need, In One App

Using multiple digital marketing tools can be a nightmare. You know what it takes to subscribe to multiple platforms and implement your marketing plans. It cost you money in monthly subscriptions. It also consumes a lot of your time, while you struggle to learn how to use each platform.


With SalesUltimo, you get all your social media marketing tools in one app. So you can generate more leads, make more sales and multiply your profit while you save tons of money with ease.

Facebook & Instagram AI Chatbots

SalesUltimo is an Artificial Intelligence visual drag and drop Flow Builder based chatbots for Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages. This amazing Artificial Intelligence tools help you reply comments, and private reply to comments on Facebook and Instagram while you are do something else or even sleeping.

Social Media Marketing Post Planner

With SalesUltimo social media post planning tool, you can post To all social media accounts immediately, schedule posts to all social media accounts Immediately, and repost to all social media accounts. You can also make bulk posts to all social media accounts Immediately, use the amazing CSV Post Planner tool.

FB Live Stream Selling Automation

Go live pre-recorded videos, automatically reply to all comments and send private messenger chat to participants, and auto-export customers to Google sheet. Take advantage of powerful live streaming without going live to generate more sales and convert more customers.

Automatically Reply to your Facebook and Instagram Post's Comments

SalesUltimo helps you reply to all your comments on Facebook and Instagram, encourage Facebook and Instagram algorithms to show your posts to more people.

Send Email Broadcasts or Autoresponder Campaigns

With SalesUltimo, you can easily setup high-converting Email marketing autoresponder or drips campaigns with our amazing drag-and-drop email campaign builder.

SMS Text Messages Drip Campaigns

Send drip SMS campaigns with SalesUltimo. A lot of your potential customers prefer to receive a text message over a call or email, and SMS messages have about 98% open rate!

How Does SalesUltimo Work?

Just a few steps to connect your Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business Profile account and make this SalesUltimo work.

Connect social account

Connecting Facebook account is just few clicks easy. clicking the `login with Facebook` button will prompt you to allow access to import your Facebook and Instagram account and enable a bot for the page and you are ready to go.

Create comment

You can comment on your own post multiple times. You can create a comments template and use it whenever you want. The periodic posting tool will allow you to comment randomly or serially taking content from the template in a frequent manner.

Create comment reply

You can reply automatically to your Facebook post based on comment content. You can also hide or delete any offensive comments. You can create reply templates and use them anytime you want.

Create messenger bot

You can use both Classic Builder and Visual Flow Builder to set messenger bot, so your messenger will work 24/7 automatically.

Create posting campaign

Create text/image/video/link content you want to post, post it or schedule it to post later. You can also set scheduled periodic posts to post periodically.

Set Up Ecommerce Store

Create a store, name your store, add products, add descriptions, set pricing, and add product images and other features. Then publish and launch your store to the world. You can use our URL or add your own domain name.

How SalesUltimo Works

Marketing Automation

With SalesUltimo, you can easily automate your sales or marketing process on Facebook, Google Business Profile, or Instagram. It’s easier to automate marketing tools you already use.

Make use of this ultimate web-based software to automate your sales and marketing plans. Save lots of time and money with these ultimate Online Marketing Automation solutions.

 It contains all the tools you need to succeed with digital marketing  in one app to Automate Facebook, Instagram, Google, Direct, Messenger, eCommerce, Google Business Profile, Email  Autoresponder,  and SMS Marketing to Grow Your Business

Scheduled Marketing Campaigns

With SalesUltimo, you also schedule mass marketing campaigns and send bulk messages to any or all subscribers. Make use of Messenger, SMS or Email.

Auto Likes Comments

You can show love to your followers and save yourself time by enabling automated 'likes' to comments on your posts or ads.

Google Business Profile Auto Review Reply

SalesUltimo Helps you reply to reviews on Google Business Profile (Old GMB). Show customers that you care about their feedback, whether good or bad and respond to their reviews automatically with ease.

Seamless Autoresponder Integrations

Seamlessly Integrate With your favourite email autoresponders like SendGrid, Mailgun, Mandrill, SMTP and. You can also Integrate with sms providers like Twilio, Plivo, Clickatell, Planet, Routesms to send SMS broadcast.

Setup high Converting eCommerce Stores

With SalesUltimo you can easily setup eCommerce stores that increase your average order value (AOV) with one-click upsells. Convert more customers with abandon cart recovery messages. You can create online store for both physical & digital products.

Start Selling Online

SalesUltimo helps you sell products, book appointments, nurture leads, capture contact info, and build relationships with your potential customer all through Messenger.

Sell On Messenger

SalesUltimo helps you to set up an online store on Facebook Messenger! The best part is that there's no signing up for customers, it's all on Facebook!

Sell On Instagram

SalesUltimo also helps you to setup shop inside Instagram using the same amazing chatbots automation

Woocommerce Integrations

Integrate With You Woocommerce Store and Sell. SalesUltimoalso help you synchronize your Wooocomerce store with ease.


SalesUltimo Screenshots

Below are some screenshots of how SalesUltimo looks. Have a look at the amazing shots and enjoy.

Our Customers Say

Here are  some of what our customers say

This is an amazing and cost-saving digital marketing tool.
Janeth Emmanuel
Digital Marketer
This is more than just a chatbot. Its a comprehensive marketing app. I recommend SalesUltimo to all marketers.
Product Creator